Grooming, Boarding,

Daycare and Training

We are happy to offer care services with the same love and dedication as if they were our own pets.


Grooming & Boarding

We are happy to offer care services with the same love and detication as if they were our own pets.

Grooming services

Let us clean them up!


Full Service Groom

Includes hydro bath, blow dry, brush, haircut, nail trim and ear cleaning. Prices are based on coat type, condition of coat, size, temperament, and style request

Partial Groom

Includes hydro bath, blow dry, brush, nail trim, and ear cleaning

Exit Bath

A quick bath can be given before your pet leaves from boarding or daycare for a cheaper rate. This would include a shampoo and towel dry. Not all breeds qualify for an exit bath. Please ask for details.

Call for Pricing 815-369-2552

Dog Nail Trim – $18

Included with a full groom and partial groom

Cat Nail Trim – $18

Nail Griding – $21

Anal Glands – $10


We Love Visitors!

Full Day Daycare – $22

Drop off by 9:30 am. Must be picked up by 5pm

Daycare is available Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Call for daycare package details 815-369-2552

Daycare is discounted with a boarding or grooming service.

Enrichment – $30

For those dogs who prefer human attention, are high energy, or need more structured play.  This includes a wide variety of games, puzzles, physical avtivity and small amounts of training throughout the day. It also includes structured group play for those who qualify.

Enrichment is available Tuesdays and Thursdays. Call for package details.

Enrichment is discounted with a boarding or grooming service.

Boarding prices are based on the age, health, and medical concerns of your pet.

Dog Boarding

Boarding 1 Dog – $27-$32

Boarding 2 Dogs* – $48-$58

Boarding 3 Dogs* – $63-$78

Insulin Injections – $7/injection




Cat Boarding

Boarding 1 Cat – $18-$23

Boarding 2 Cats* – $30-$40

Boarding 3 Cats* – $42-$57

Insulin Injections – $7/injection



Extra Love

Baby Carrot Snacks- $2

Ice Cream Treats – $2

Peanut Butter Kong – $2

Puppuccino – $3

Lick mat w/ Peanut Butter, Yogurt or Churu (cat) – $3

Snuffle mat – $5

Dog Puzzle – $5

Lazer Light Play (cats) – $3

Additional Exercise – $5/20 minutes

Cuddle Time – $5/20 minutes

Daycare with Boarding/Grooming – $15

Enrichment with Boarding/Grooming – $23

 Boarding Rules and Suggestions

  • Boarding rates are charged by the day starting when you drop off. Regardless of the drop off time, there
    will be a charge for that day. We have a strict 48-hour cancellation policy. If a reservation is cancelled less than 48 hours before the scheduled time, a charge may apply. The charge will be based on the length of the reservation.
  • Pick up time is by 1pm Monday – Friday and 12pm on Saturdays. If you pick up after 1pm Monday – Friday there will be a charge for that day. Sundays are charged as a full day of boarding. 
  • Daycare, enrichment, partial grooms and nail trims are discounted while boarding.
  • Your pet will receive a complimentary partial groom after 10 days of boarding depending on size, temperament and breed. Ask for details.
  • All collars, harnesses, gentle leaders and leashes are removed from your pet once they are in their kennel for safety purposes. We prefer a properly fitted martingale collar or buckle collar that is easy to get on and off, and a 4 or 6 foot leash. We do not recommend retractable leashes, choke collars or prong collars. If you choose to bring these in we ask that you take them off of your pet before leaving.
  • If your pet(s) becomes ill or injured while in the custody of the boarding establishment, the boarding establishment shall provide the animal with emergency veterinary treatment for the illness or injury at the owner’s expense. All attempts will be made to contact the owner of the pet first, however in an emergency the wellbeing of the pet comes first, and appropriate action will be taken.
  • Food – Please bring your pets own food. This will reduce the chance of dietary issues due to being introduced to a new food. If you forget or do not want to bring your pets own food, we will provide dry food at an additional daily charge. We do ask that you portion your pets food into individual bags or containers for each meal. This ensures that we are giving the correct amount to your pet at each feeding. If our staff needs to portion out meals for your pet, there will be an additional fee for this service. We do not recommend free choice feeding while boarding. We want to know how much your pet is eating each day. 
  • Bedding and Toys – We encourage you to leave your belongings at home, there are times they will destroy their belongings while boarding. We do launder bedding and toys everyday. Some belongings will get destroyed in our sanitation process or misplaced, so please be aware they may not get returned to you. We provide fresh, clean bedding daily and toys can be provided. If you wish to bring your own, please leave valuables at home. Depending on what is brought in, it may be set aside in a labeled bin and not placed with your pet. If we feel a toy is a choking hazard we will not put it in with your pet.
  • Treats – If your pet has yummy treats or chews they enjoy we encourage you to bring them along. Please leave valuable chews at home. We do not allow rawhides or any treat they could potentially choke on. 
  • Medications – Administration of medications are included with boarding. Exceptions may apply. We ask that you only bring the amount needed while boarding plus a few extra days.
  • Special needs – If your pet has any health or medical issues that may require special care and time by staff, there may be a special needs fee attached to your reservation. The fee would be based on the amount of extra care needed, the reason for the extra care, and/or the amount of days your pet is boarding. This fee will be defined by J&C’s Bed and Biscuit.
  • After Hours Pickup/ Drop Off – By appointment only. You will be charged an additional $30 plus that day of boarding. Additional pets will be charged $20. Different rates apply for Holiday boarding.
  • Common After-Effects of Boarding – Diarrhea and weight loss can be a side effect of boarding. Even a pet that is fully enjoying their stay can have these side effects do to change in environment. Your pet may go home with an odor. We keep our facility clean, but pets that play all day and are not in there usual environment may go home with an odor. We always recommend a bath before departure. Upper respiratory conditions can be contracted while boarding due to being exposed to many other pets in the facility. 

* Prices based on dogs/cats staying in the same kennel. Dogs must be current on Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella. Cats must be current on Rabies and Distemper. 1 or 3 year rabies and distemper are acceptable. Bordetella is required every 6 months. 

Recommended but not required vaccines:


Canine Influenza


Sit. Good Dog!

One on One Training 

Working on basic obedience and some other specific issues you may be having.

Facility training – $75

– Home visits – $85 + Mileage

Day Stay Training – $75 + $15 (day stay rate)

You can drop off your dog for the day and they will be trained on basic obedience and some other specific issues you may be having. 

10 Day Board and Train -$890

Working on all commands on and off leash.  Will add some trick training and some other issues owner may have concerns about. Certain issues may require more than 10 days

14 Day Board and Train -$1200

Working on all command and attempting to get dog off leash and listening to all commands.  Problem solving and again more tricks etc. Certain issues may require more than 14 days

30 Day Board and Train – $2500

An extensive plan for those that need a little extra help. This can cover a broad range of issues including but not limited to fear, aggression, reactivity, loose leash walking, off leash abilities etc. 

Training Classes

Basic Obedience class – $150

A 6 week obedience class that will teach your dog the foundations of the canine good citizens test. The class will cover sit, stay, down, loose leash walking, and basic canine manners. The class meets once a week for 6 weeks.



We are looking for an experienced groomer to join our team

Part to full-time, Experience required (this is not a training position), Flexible schedule, but some Saturdays are required, Must be able to groom large dogs, Must have strong customer service skills (will communicate with clients), Cat grooming is a plus but not required, Commission-based , Receive 100% of your tips, Paid continuing education, Some other benefits included, Employee discounts,  Have all major holidays off.

Thanks for emailing us!