Grooming & Boarding

We are happy to offer care services with the same love and detication as if they were our own pets.


Grooming & Boarding

We are happy to offer care services with the same love and detication as if they were our own pets.

Grooming services

Let us clean them up!


Full Service Groom

Includes hydro bath, blow dry, brush, haircut, nail trim and ear cleaning. Prices are based on coat type, condition of coat, size and style request

Partial Groom

Includes hydro bath, blow dry, brush, nail trim, and ear cleaning

Exit Bath

A quick bath can be given before your pet leaves from boarding or daycare for a cheaper rate. This would include a shampoo and towel dry.

Call for Pricing 815-369-2552

Dog Nail Trim – $18

Included with a full groom and partial groom

Cat Nail Trim – $18


Anal Glands – $10


We Love Visitors!

Full Day Daycare – $22

Drop off by 9:30 am. Must be picked up by 5pm

Daycare is available Monday through Friday. Space is limited so reserve your pooches play date early. Call for daycare package details 815-369-2552

Boarding 1 Dog – $26

Boarding 2 Dogs* – $46

Boarding 3 Dogs* – $60

Insulin Injections – $7/injection

Ice Cream Treats – $2

Peanut Butter Kong – $2

Additional Exercise – $5/30 minutes

Daycare w/Boarding – $15



Boarding 1 Cat – $16

Boarding 2 Cats* – $26

Boarding 3 Cats* – $36

Insulin Injections – $7/injection


  • Boarding rates are charged by the day starting when you drop off. Regardless of the drop off time, there
    will be a charge for that day.
  • Pick up time is by 1pm Monday – Friday and 12pm on Saturdays. If you pick up after 1pm Monday – Friday there will be a charge for that day. Sundays are charged as a full day of boarding. 
  • Daycare, partial grooms and nail trims are discounted while boarding.
  • Your pet will receive a complimentary partial groom after 10 days of boarding depending on size, temperament and breed. Ask for details.
  • Food – Please bring your pets own food. This will reduce the chance of dietary issues due to being introduced to a new food. If you forget or do not want to bring your pets own food, we will provide dry food at $2/day per dog.
  • Bedding and Toys – We encourage you to leave your bedding at home, there are times they will destroy their belongings while boarding. We do have bedding and toys that we can provide but if you wish to bring your own please leave your valuable items at home.
  • Treats – If your pet has yummy treats or chews they enjoy we encourage you to bring them along.
  • Medications – Administration of medications are included with boarding. Exceptions may apply.
  • After Hours Pickup/ Drop Off – By appointment only. You will be charged an additional $30 plus that day of boarding.

* Prices based on dogs/cats staying in the same kennel. Dogs must be current on Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella. Cats must be current on Rabies and Distemper. 1 or 3 year rabies and distemper are acceptable. Bordetella is required every 6 months. 


Sit. Good Dog!

One on One Training -$60

Working on basic obedience and some other specific issues you may be having.

3 Day Board and Train -$250

Basic Obedience and specific issues that you would like to work on.  Most is on-leash work.  Loose leash walking is started.   We work on basic commands, wait at the door, no jumping etc.

4 Day Board and Train -$330

We work on above and begin to work on the come command whether on or off the leash.  Other problems as discussed with owner.

7 Day Board and Train -$550

Working on above things, other issues, and starting off-leash listening reinforcing all that has been learned.  We will reinforce all command and hand-signals.

10 Day Board and Train -$750

Working on all commands on and off leash.  Will add some trick training and all other issues owner has concerns about. 

14 Day Board and Train -$990

Working on all command and attempting to get dog off leash and listening to all commands.  Problem solving and again more tricks etc.